Coming soon! The first complete Virtual Care Management Solution built for veterinary practices.

The vVet™ Platform

Reimagining Telemedicine

VetDocNow's white-labeled vVet™ telemedicine platform enables veterinary practices to provide their own virtual healthcare consultations from anywhere and on any device! Our solutions will help veterinary practices find, enagage, manage and retain more customers seeking alternative points of healthcare access. The result - a modern practice that drives more revenue, more engagement and better patient experience.


1. What type of appointments does VetDocNow support?

Great question! VetDocNow was designed to allow veterinarians to streamline client management for common items such as wellness visits, medical concerns, post visit follow ups, common medical concerns.

2. What is the benefit of using VetDocNow for my practice?

The reason so many veterinary clinics have signed on to our waitlist is due to the fact that VetDocNow will allow them to see more patients in a day by providing access through virtual visits for common ailments. Vet visits are declining and patients want better access to you! Now they can with VetDocNow. 

3. When will this be available?

We are working around the clock with our team of veterinary advisors and our technical team to launch in 2018. If you want to stay up to date on our progress, simply complete the form below. 

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